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Your sinuses, nose, throat and lungs all affect how you breathe, and an infection can seriously impede your breathing and every day life. When you have trouble breathing, it could be the result of a respiratory infection. If you need immediate respiratory care, come to Physicians Prompt Care Center.



Asthma is a condition that causes difficulty breathing. It is most commonly caused by allergies or another form of hypersensitivity. Asthma symptoms include throat inflammation, throat restriction, coughing and wheezing. Identifying your asthma trigger is the best way to treat it. A physician at our immediate care center can help you identify if your asthma is the result of animal dander, mites, fungi, pollen, chemicals or smoke. Knowing your asthma trigger will help you avoid causing and attack and help find the proper medication for you.



Bronchitis is often marked by severe and painful coughing. It results from inflammation of the air passages from the nose to the lungs. Bronchitis symptoms include coughing and wheezing.

Acute bronchitis is a condition in which severe symptoms occur rapidly. Usually the victim will have the symptoms of a cold, like sneezing, runny nose and cough. The cough develops into a deep and painful bronchitis cough, and sometimes also fever and wheezing.

Chronic bronchitis is a condition is which symptoms occur over a long period of time. Cigarette smoke, chemical fumes, air pollution, mold and dust are respiratory tract irritants that may cause chronic bronchitis.

Your bronchitis treatment may be antibiotics, cough medicine, or another medication prescribed by your Prompt Care physician. Your symptoms and type of bronchitis will determine the best course of action for your health.


Pneumonia is caused by lung infection. Generally the infection of one or both lungs is the result of bacterial infection or viral infection. An infection causes the air sacks of the lungs to fill with pus, which causes difficulty breathing.

Pneumonia symptoms include fever, chills, muscle ache, fatigue, chest pain, sore throat, coughing and shortness of breath. A Prompt Care physician can prescribe antibiotics for pneumonia treatment.


Sinus infections

Sinus infection, or sinusitis, is an inflammation of the sinuses. It is often the result of bacteria or viruses causing an infection. Allergies that cause swelling in the sinuses cause similar symptoms of sinus infection. Common sinus infection symptoms are pressure, congestion and pain.

Treatment for sinus infection caused by a virus may include pain and fever medication. If your infection was caused by bacteria, your treatment may include antibiotics. Antibiotics perscribed for a sinus infection will be aimed at the most likely bacteria to have caused the infection. Any medication you may need will help get rid of painful symptoms and your infection.



Wheezing is frequently associated with asthma and can be caused by a number of things. Visit Physicians Prompt Care Center to have an expert physician identify the cause of your wheezing and find the best way to treat it.


Physicians Prompt Care Center  is dedicated to providing great care when you need it without going to the emergency room. We are staffed with board certified physicians who are prepared to see both adult and pediatric patients every day. Lab and imaging services are also on-site to easily serve your diagnostic needs.

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