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Headache Treatment


Migrane headaches, cluster headaches, tension headaches and sinus headaches cause pain. Migranes in particular can last for long periods of time. Along with pounding headaches, migranes may also cause nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. There are many causes and treatments for each type of headache and a Prompt Care physician can help determine the best path for you.



Migranes have several triggers (many patients know their triggers), most commonly:

  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Changes in the weather
  • Certain foods, such as wine, cheese, or chocolate
  • MSG or food preservatives, such as nitrates
  • Red wine
  • Some medicines
  • Bright lights

Migranes are more common in women, especially before or during a menstrual cycle or if she is taking birth control pills. Migranes are also hereditary, talk to your parents or children about your migranes. Your triggers may be similar to a family member.



A Physicians Prompt Care Center healthcare provider will examine you noting your symptoms and medical history. Headaches are different for everyone for many reasons. Your headaches and headache triggers may have something to do with your medical history. A detailed headache diary may provide insight to your headache triggers, symptoms and solutions.


Headache Treatment

Many headaches can be treated with pain relievers. In addition, migranes can be treated with anti-nausea or preventive medications. Other medicines such as “triptans” or “ergots” may be prescribed. For frequent migranes, you may be prescribed daily preventive medicine. No matter the frequency or severity of your headaches, you and our urgent care physician together will work at determining the most effective course of action.


Headache Relief

The more you know about your headaches, the easier it will be recognize and treat them. When symptoms occur, take the recommended or prescribed medicine from your physician or come to Physicians Prompt Care.

Physicians Prompt Care Center  is dedicated to providing great care when you need it without going to the emergency room. We are staffed with board certified physicians who are prepared to see both adult and pediatric patients every day. Lab and imaging services are also on-site to easily serve your diagnostic needs.

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