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5 Tips for the Weekend Warriors

Memorial Day Weekend marks the beginning of summer travel, trips and outdoor fun, especially for the weekend warriors. In fact, this past Memorial Day weekend was ranked as the highest number of weekend warriors expected since 2005 byAAA Travel. Aside from the nostalgia, weekend warriors also want sun, sand, water sports, cocktails and more.However, with all that summer offers, those who push their bodies to the limit over the next couple of months should keep these tips in mind in order to prevent injuries and illness.

  1. Try not to overdo it. The most common injuries for runners, swimmers, golfers, and many other summer athletes is overuse. When someone move faster, or more aggressively, or more frequently, injuries are more likely.
  2. Split up the day. Make sure to incorporate times of relaxation in between heavy sporting sessions. Multiple and smaller sessions can positively impact how the body recovers and reduces the chances of injury or stress.
  3. Stay hydrated. In the midst of athletic activity, people lose water quicker than they even realize. Dehydration hinders the body’s ability to perform and recover, so it’s important to keep a water bottle around.
  4. Wear appropriate footwear. Sandals are probably not the best shoes to wear while playing tennis. Keep in mind that quality athletic shoes should have impact absorbing soles and good ankle stabilization.
  5. Listen to the body. The body knows when it’s pushing its limits. When feelings of fatigue or soreness arise, take a break. The need for relaxation is the body’s way of asking for some time to heal and rest.

“As a busy ER physician I have rarely seen a patient presented with an injury or illness after following the above recommendations,” states Dr. James Richardson, MD, leading physician at Physicians Prompt Care.

Those who lie low during the week and then push themselves more than their bodies can handle often experience physical injuries. After all, more injuries occur when activity is inconsistent or infrequent. Nevertheless, even though the summer season is here, take these tips into consideration in order to stay healthy and safe as a weekend warrior.

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